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Christmas Lists

Tim and Melissa’s Family
(updated 11-21-05)

We love gifts that are homemade or used.
Digital Sound Recorder
(one that plugs into a USB port and converts sound to MP3 files)
Large teflon frying pan
Books/CDs: Our wish list can be found at www.amazon.com by searching for a wishlist for lewisnqn@yahoo.com
Gourmet hot chocolates & accompanying cookies

Copies of early family videos on DVD
Whole nutmeg with mini-grater
Dried fruit
Eyeliner pencil sharpener (yes, it’s on the right list)
Postcard stamps
Subscription to "Countdown" Magazine (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
Dried Mango
Ties (used is fine) – stripes are good, think preppy but not boring
A book on how to do taxes when you are self-employed

"Ready to Tell Tales" by David Holt and Bill Mooney
Folktales from around the world- especially ones that aare written with lots of character dialogue and "sound effects" (KAH-pari,, KER-splash, BOING-ong)
" The Stinky Cheese Man and other fairly stupid tales" by Scieszka (or any of his messed up fairy tales books)
Sports bra
Scrapbooking materials – refill for photo stickies, background pages
Elastic hairties & barettes
Plastic containers for organizing kitchen food: cereal, crackers, rice, beans, etc. (not flour, sugar, powdered sugar)
Plastic toy containers (about 12”x24”x6”)

Jigsaw puzzles
Church socks
Bib with sleeves (Hmm..who knows how to make these?)
CD - Hap Palmer – So Big
CD – James Coffey – My Mama Was a Train
Pull-ups diapers (he wears Huggies size 4 in regular diapers)
Most anything that has to do with trains, planes, cars, or wild animals!

Headrest for carseat/stroller
Bibs for when he starts on rice cereal