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Christmas List
updated 11-24-05


- -Sledge Hammer DVD next season
- Seinfeld DVD
(has 1st 3 seasons)
-Namco 5-in-1 TV Games- Pac-Man $15.77 at walmart.com
-Greatest Hits (includes DVD) (Digi-Pak) by Creed
-New stocking holder (sleigh w/ Paul)
Basketball shirts(large) and shorts(medium)
Ties- with brown in them
Sugared Cereals (year supply)



Dragonsblood by Anne McCaffrey
by Margaret Fraser (except: Reeve's Tale, Widow's Tale, Squire's Tale, Maiden's Tale)

-That Thing You Do - Soundtrack CD
-Fireplace Family Ornament - Joyce knows about this
-Picture of St. Louis Temple- vertical, 8x10
-3 picture frames -2 11x14, & 1 16x20 (dark cherry wood color)
Some dried flowers and leaves for Family Proclamation frame
Temple bag


- Build a Bear gift certificate
-Hat & Mittens set (waterproof mittens)
- Neopets (stuffed animals, figurines)
- books of course


- Build a bear gift certificate
- Hat & Mittens set (waterproof mittens)
- Junie B. Jones books
- Other similar books for a 6 year old giggly girl
Disney Princess calendar


- Build a bear gift certificate
- Hat & Mittens set (waterproof mittens)
Leap Pad books (she inherited the leap pad from Sydney and loves using it)

All Girls

Computer fun learning games--ours are all getting old and scratched or not compatible with the new computer software