3 1 R A C E T R A C K     4       5          
    I       6         A       U       T          
    N       B 7 C U B S C O U T 8 B Y E          
  9 S A M U E L       A       A   A M          
    U       N         12   10 P H I L I P          
    R       J   11 E A T       14   L   L          
    A   13 M A R Y     H       T   C   E          
    N       M   16 15 J O Y S C H O O L            
    C       I   J     M       A   A              
    E 17 K I N D E R G A R T E N   C              
                S     S       K   H              
                U             S                  
        Across               Down                
1 Benjamin loves to make the cars   2 Sam is learning spanish after school Tues.      
  go vroom vroom around this     He can say house in Spanish, can you?      
7 Philip continues to be the Master   3 Philip now works in a clinic where he helps      
  of a large ___ Pack       people without __ get health care        
8 We said __ to Thomas for 10 days   4 Mary & Ben went to ___ for a few days to visit  
  as he went to visit his Florida cousins     her siblings and hike the Narrows        
9 He's 5 years old, loves super heroes, 5 We love to visit this place as a family      
  acrobatics & chicken noodle soup   It reminds us we can be together forever      
10 Helping everyone else move into their 6 He's 1 1/2 years old, loves to be outside, go  
  new homes has made him envious   on walks, and try to keep up with his brothers  
11 Benjamin communicates his need to __ 8 In addition to Mary's work in the Young Womens'
  through words, sound effects & signs   presidency, she's serving as basket-___      
13 She keeps her family together & happy 12 He's almost 4 years old, loves to sing, ride bikes,
  through cooking, laundry & prayers   hit baseballs, eat everything & be with Samuel
15 Thomas loves to learn to find pleasure 14 At our 50+ family gathering in November, we  
  in life via this parent run preschool   enjoyed expressing __ for our many blessings  
17 Sam goes to full day __ where he shows 16 In the world today we strive to teach our children  
  off his reading skill & works on his writing   that Christmas is really about the birth of ___