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Philip and Mary Smith Family TO DO LIST 2003:

Help cousins move in next door (Aaron-Shauna Hill family). Introduce boys to new playmates; 1 on 1 basketball at midnight; Plan nights to alternate cooking.
Move back to the English speaking church. Get Philip released as Scoutmaster; called as Cubmaster: ham it up at Pack meetings.
Birthday party for Thomas (2ys on 2/15), Grandpa Smith, & Great-grandma.
Have Stephen & Lisa Smith's family to visit. See bug movie at Smithsonian.
Stay dry on crabbing campout and catch more than a dozen crabs. Better luck next year.
Let Samuel go to Florida with Nana & Dr. Grandpa for a week to see his oldest cousin

(Ashley 8ys) get baptized, and to play with his "best friend" Sydney (cousin, 4ys).
Enjoy having just one child so much as to not miss Samuel.
Welcome Benjamin Callis to the family (7/11/03).
Philip take two weeks off to recover.
Have Mary released from Webelos Scouts, so she can serve in
Young Women's presidency.
Start Sam in preschool. Teach him to read, speak Spanish & do our taxes.
Teach Thomas to stop making grinding noise when he eats.
Teach Thomas to distinguish red from green.
Make Larry-Boy costume for Sam's birthday (4yr, 9/16). Have him rescue Aaron, Michael & Paul Jr. and teach them why it's important to obey Mommy and Daddy. Visit withCousin Miranda.
Visit Thompsons in GA. Teach the Edwards how to play ping-pong & billiards.
Teach Thomas not to hit Samuel. It's just a phase anyway, they'll grow out of it.
Reach half-way mark in Philip's Master's Degree program for Health Administration.
Get promoted to Senior Vice President.
Fly to Provo for Christmas with the Lewis family. Get together with Smith cousin's at
Uncle David's. Visit long lost Vegas relatives.
Go Skiing.
Write Christmas letter.
We accomplished most of what we set out to do in 2003