Goshen Scout Camp 2001



My Three trips to Scout camp as a youth did nothing to prepare me for my first Scoutcamp as a leader. This is the only class I think Diego and Luis went to.


One of the more interesting events at scout camp is when the boys make the pants into a flotation device.


Darwin and David were the only two from our troop successful today. David's Pants are still floating beside him.


Our Campsite was right next to my Dad's troop, which made camp that much more enjoyable for me.


The boys spent every possible minute fishing, but brother Stanley Robison was the one to really catch anything. (Bottom left going Clockwise: Darwin Hernandez, Chris, Luis, Wiley, William, Michael Ramirez, William Granados, One of my Dad's scouts hidden by Stanley, Stanley, and Kevin Martinez.)


If they had to live off what they caught the boys would have starved. Fortunately, we had a trashcan/backpack that we could fill up at the cafeteria for every meal.