Winter Campout 2002

We stayed at Camp Horseshoe bend, which we are considering going to for Merit Badge Camp next year. It's right on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania, an hour and a half north of Baltimore.

We must have had about a dozen boys on this campout and we all stayed in a big cabin with a bunch of bunk beds. We set out to earn the camping Merit Badge and it helped that we had five adult leaders to help teach. Of course they would be more helpful if they would stop eating, but the big kitchen was pretty tempting



Brother Grant Moss was either teaching Christian and Darwin some strange funeral rite, or he was teaching them to make a ground bed.


Lou taught the kids some of the basics about preparing for a campout. His authoratative presence is always a welcomed addition to our leadership corp.

The scouts spent a lot of time playing with my flint and steel kit. Brian is trying to make some sparks right here.


We had a little competition / treasure hunt between the two patrols just before we left on Saturday. They had to start a fire and boil some water without using matches; then do first aid on someone acting out certain symptoms; then do some lashings to reach a bag; then follow a short compass course. It of course ended with everyone running through the woods hoping to stumble across the treasure chest. I think Darwin found it in the end.