For those of you who missed the barn raising, here are some highlights.


Aaron and Philip arrived early with the tools and materials.

Aaron was salivating over this wonderful pile of scrap metal he'd discovered.You'll notice that Grandma had just enough space to fit her lawn mower.

Everything came out of the shed. It didn't necessarily go back into the new one.

We had the trailer unloaded earlier so the teenagers could get it filled for a load to Aaron's scrap yard.

Paul Sr. and was quit saddened by the loss of the old shed he'd help put up.
He and Dan mourned together for a moment.

Compassionately, John came to consol them.

Once we got the mourners out of the way... we started putting up the walls.

All four wall are standing. Paul Sr. is in the neighbor's yard putting in the last screw.

Who knew that Frank was so adept with the screw gun?
With the walls done, we need to get started on the eaves. Not everyone could help build the shed. That's okay, Grandma has other work that can be done.

What does this machine do?, asked Paul Jr.

He and Dan had some fun grinding up all of grandma's broken tree limps and brush.

Everyone had worked hard and earned a break for lunch.
Shauna and Mary and our kids showed up around noon with most of the fix'ns..
I think this is the most family that has been together at Grandma's since I was a teenager.

The only thing left to do after lunch, was putting on the roof.
Unfortunately the rain did not wait.

Due to the rain, we had to dry off the roof before putting down sealant.
"This has fewer leaks than my house," said Vern.

Here's the crew that was with us to the bitter end.
Special thanks to Dan, who came all the way from Utah to see this through.

Here is the finished project.

This last picture is for Rusty. It's the pulonias (sp?) near Brighton Dam.