Palmyra New York

Here are some of the pictures. I'm still hoping you people will send me some, because I know you all took pictures.



We sure loved riding on that bus, didn't we. By the way, what was that lake we kept seeing out the window?

The Philip and Mary Smith family showed a lot a patience waiting to tour the Smith cabin. How long did Joseph wait after seeing the first vision until he was told to translate the Book of Mormon?

It's a short walk from the log cabin to the frame home. That's funny, this path is wide enough for a highway?

Robin, Nikki, and Jennifer are paying close attention to the Sister Missionary outside the Smith's frame house.

This is inside the frame house. How long did the Smith's live here?

There's Stephon and Michael in front of the frame house. Who decided to build that house for the Smith's?

Does anyone know these people from the Orange family?


This is the Cooper's shop just in front of the Smith's frame house. Joseph tore up the floor boards once and made it look like he was hiding the plates underneath them, but he actually hid plates on a beam in the ceiling. What is a Cooper anyway?


Tumani and Chris

Jamie and Jason stand in the sacred grove & outside the frame house. What church was Joseph considering joining before the first vision?


Robbie enjoyed the sacred grove so much he was reluctant to leave it.

Robin and Jeremy tower in front of the Palmyra Temple.


Shuana found some friends in the crowd before the pagent. What are their names?

Allison and Shannon pose in front of the Whitmer Cabin in Fayette, where the church was first organized. Can you remember the exact date the church was formed?

William chiling by the fence.


Was the ride home shorter than the ride there, or did we just have a little more fun?