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Gift giving lists are posted at the bottom of this page, with price guidelines. Homemade gifts are great.

Click on the links below to see what people are asking Santa to bring them. If you have not mailed a list to St. Nick this year we will continue to post last years list.

Please notify the webmaster as you purchase gifts from individual's lists so that they can be marked off. Refer to the "got it" lists linked to wish list pages to make sure you're not getting a duplicate gift. See the email link to the web master below. Please include in the subject if you have listed gifts for Philip or Mary so that the appropriate person updates the lists.

  Grandpa & Grandma
  Woody & Angela's Family
  Stephen & Jenn's Family

Philip & Mary's Family

  Tim & Melissa



This is the gift list among the Lewis siblings. (~$20)
Woody & Angela
Stephen & Jenn

Mary &

Tim & Melissa
Woody & Angela
Stephen & Jenn
Mary & Philip
Tim & Melissa


The Lewis cousins gift giving list is as follows. (~$10)

Giver Receiver
Ashley Wesley
Sydney Ward
Liam Baby Lewis
Samuel Allison
Thomas Nora
Ward Sydney
Allison Ben
Benjamin Liam
Wesley Ashley
Baby Lewis

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